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Sparks Nevada Housing Market: Bank Failures and Interest Rates
In this blog, Paul Dunham talks about the Sparks Nevada housing market for March 11, 2023. He discusses the impact of bank failures on interest rates and how it's affecting the market's volatility. Despite a 14.7% decline in median sales price from last year, there has been a recent small increase in prices and new listings. However, the housing shortage remains a significant factor, causing pending sales to decline, active inventory to decline, and median days on the market to be just 11 days. The market i
Reno Housing Market Update- Median Sales Price up 1.9% Since Last Year
The Reno housing market has been on a steady upward trend since February 5th, 2023, with the median sales price for homes currently at $576,750, up 1.9% from the same time last year. The housing shortage is the primary reason for this continuous rise in prices, and new listings have surpassed pending sales, which has increased overall inventory but not at the levels needed to meet demand. The market has been stable, with constant demand and negotiation going on, but buyers need to be aware that prices are u
Carson City, Nevada Housing Market Update: March 11th 2023
This blog provides a comprehensive update on the current state of the housing market in Carson City, Nevada, as of March 11th, 2023. The median sales price has been relatively flat since the new year, with no significant upward or downward trends, and the biggest challenge for the market is the continual decline in inactive inventory. Despite this, the lack of inventory is advantageous for sellers, as there is limited competition and buyers have fewer options to choose from. The blog also highlights stable
Insider's Guide to the Home Buying Process: Part 1
In this insightful video, Paul Dunham provides an insider's guide to the home buying process, highlighting the key steps involved and offering tips and insights to help buyers navigate the process more effectively. The first step in the home buying process is typically browsing for homes online. Buyers can use apps and mobile search tools to get an idea of what's available in their desired area and price range. However, it's important to remember that it's too early to start viewing homes in person at this
Buying and Selling a House at the Same Time: Tips and Insights for a Seamless Transition
In this video, Paul Dunham talks about the process of buying and selling a house at the same time. It can be complicated, but is a common situation that many people face. In this scenario, individuals need to have a special understanding of how to manage the process effectively. There are several ways to approach buying and selling homes simultaneously, including selling first, buying first, and ending both transactions at the same time. When purchasing a new home, there are three major milestones to consi
Carson City, Nevada Weekly Housing Market Update- March 4, 2023
The housing market in Carson City, Nevada is experiencing a lack of selection in the marketplace due to the low inventory of homes. The median sales price for the week of March 4th was $450,000, down nine and a half percent from this time last year. The market was expected to reach a balanced marketplace compared to historical data, but sellers are not selling, which is throwing off projections of how much lower prices will get. The tight inventory is causing upward pressure on the marketplace because of ho
Reno, Nevada housing market update- March 4th 2023: Low Inventory
This week Paul Dunham provides an update on the housing market in Reno, Nevada as of March 4th, 2023. Median sales price has been increasing but it is difficult to determine if they have hit bottom yet due to rising interest rates. This raises frustration as there were hopes they would remain level while other industries recuperated. Next is inventory, which is the main issue affecting the market. The lack of inventory is causing a gap in the market as there are no homes for sale compared to what there ha
Sparks Nevada Housing Market Update: New Construction Driving Supply, Not Prices
The Sparks, Nevada housing market is seeing an incline in median sales price, up 4.3% from the same time last year. While interest rates are going up, the lack of inventory is the main driving force behind the market's behavior. The influx of people moving to Northern Nevada, along with new employers, is driving up the population and demand for housing. New construction is supplementing the resale market in Sparks, with hundreds of new homes being built in the area. This offsets the supply issues and slows
February 25th, 2023 Sparks, Nevada Housing Market Update: New Construction Changing the Game
The Sparks, Nevada housing market update showed that the market is very interesting compared to the Reno and Carson City markets because of new construction. There are many developments being built right now in Sparks, and they are helping the homebuyers in the Sparks marketplace by offering competitively priced homes. The median sales price in Sparks is currently $492,500, which is only a half a percent decrease from the same time last year. Although interest rates have increased, the market has been level
February 25th 2023 Reno Nevada Housing Market Update: How snow is tightening the marketplace
The Reno, Nevada housing market is facing a tight inventory due to heavy snowfall, with few new listings hitting the market. The median sales price of homes is $535,000, which is only down 1.8% from this time last year, but there is a significant tightening of inventory as sellers wait for the snow and ice to melt before listing their homes for sale. Despite the weather, buyers are out in the market, but there is a real shortage of inventory, which has been flatlined since the start of December. This lack
February 25th 2023 Carson City, Nevada Housing Update: Consistent incline in median sales price
The weekly housing update for Carson City, Nevada, as of February 25th, 2023, reports that the median home price in the area is $540,000, which has been on a consistent incline week over week. While the rest of the nation saw a significant gain in prices in the first quarter of the previous year followed by a decline in the remaining quarters, Carson City did not experience such fluctuations. Consequently, the current year's price increase of 16.8% from the same period last year can be attributed to the a
Reno, Nevada weekly housing market update: Price, Inventory and Trends
Welcome to the Reno housing market update for February 11, 2023. The Reno housing market is experiencing a decline in prices as inventory dwindles. Compared to last year, median sales prices are down 14.6% at $491,000, and it is expected to decline further. The lack of new listings is a concern for buyers as the existing inventory is being bought up quickly. Since the new year, there has been a steady incline in homes being bought but no new listings. This is leading to an overall reduction in available h
Sparks Nevada Real Estate Market Update: Trends and Insights February 11, 2023
In Sparks Nevada, the median sales price was reported at $509,995, down by 8.4% compared to the same period of the previous year. This is showing that the median sales price was higher in Sparks than in Reno, which could be attributed to the availability of new inventory in Sparks. In this video, we'll also discuss the increase in new inventory in Sparks, weeks of supply of inventory and the subsequent impact on buyers in the marketplace. There has been a continual incline of agreements and pending proper
Carson City Housing Market Update: Low Competition and Housing Shortage for Buyers, February 11 2023
The median sales price in Carson City, Nevada is $426,500, which is down by 15.5% from the same period last year. Unlike the housing markets in Reno and Sparks, the trendline for Carson City's housing market has not taken on a bubble shape. However, the expected difference in prices between the three markets in the spring is quite significant. There are only five new listings for the entire Carson City area, and there is a large group of buyers actively looking for homes in the area. This makes it an opport
What is the average home price in Reno, NV?
Looking for information on the Reno housing market? Look no further! In this video, we'll take a deep dive into the current state of the Reno housing market, including housing prices, trends, and forecasts. We'll analyze housing prices and trends in Reno, including average home prices, the changes in home values. We'll discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the housing market, including changes in buyer behavior and housing supply and demand. If you're interested in the Reno housing market or are
Sparks, Nevada Housing Market Update: Prices, Trends, and Forecast
Are you keeping an eye on the Sparks housing market? Then you won't want to miss this video! We'll explore the latest trends and insights into the Sparks housing market, including the exciting uptick in new listings. We'll discuss the current state of the Sparks housing market, including trends in prices and inventory. We'll also dive into the exciting news of the recent uptick in new listings, and what this means for buyers and sellers in the area. Whether you're a potential buyer, seller, or investor,
Home prices in Carson City, Nevada: What you need to know
Looking to buy or sell a home in Carson City, Nevada? Then you won't want to miss our latest market update! Our team of real estate experts has analyzed the latest data and trends to give you an insider's look at what's happening in the local market. In this update, we'll be discussing the recent increase in pending houses and the corresponding increase in weeks of inventory. What does this mean for buyers and sellers? What strategies can you use to take advantage of this market? Find out in this latest v
Sparks NV Real Estate Market Report for January 21 2023: Insights and Trends
Paul gives an update on the Sparks, Nevada single family homes market. The median sales price for Sparks is currently $532,000, up 9% from the previous year. Sparks has always been more affordable than Reno and the single family market has been less volatile. The housing shortage has driven buyers to Sparks and there has been an increase in new houses and new construction. The pending sales and negotiation have also increased in Sparks. Currently, the asking price is being negotiated at around 95.2% and hom
Carson City Real Estate Market Report: Trends & Insights as of January 21, 2023
In this video, Paul provides an update on the single-family housing market in Carson City, Nevada for January 2023. He notes that the average median purchase price has declined by 6.8% from the previous year, standing at $512,000. Paul attributes the decrease to new construction projects and seasonality, which have caused a downward decline in new listings hitting the marketplace. He also mentions that pending properties have increased in the past three weeks, indicating that buyers are out looking at homes
2023 Reno Housing Market Update: January 25 Weekly Video Recap
Paul shares an update on the housing market in Reno, Nevada. He explains that the average price of a single-family home in Reno is currently at $550,000, down 10% from the previous year, and he expects the gap to grow, with a possible 20% decline by February or March. However, there was a slight bump in the average price, and Paul believes the market is close to hitting the bottom. Interest rates have been going down, but the market hasn't yet adjusted to the new rates. Paul predicts that the adjustment wil